JP Sears can only Fantisize that he can Prancercise®!

Like so many, don’t make the mistake… to not realize what’s fake!


This guy  kind of wiggles along  like a Thankgiving Turkey  not a horse…guess that’s because he’s never taken a course!  It’s kind of hilarious that one would take him serious! It’s O.K. to have fun but don’t end up on your bum! #JPSearsercise surely Isn’t Prancercise , it’s more likely to catch someone by surprise, than tone up your thighs! If you’re truly through with exercise as a joke and don’t want an ankle broke check out my program and contact me, you’ll be on your way to a happier and fitter day! Spread the joy with a copy of my book or my DVD, make someone’s Xmas more jolly. Then if the holiday lbs. are gained unintentionally, they’ll regain their shape, make no mistake!

While other’s drool or play the fool some have gotten it right a more acceptable sight! Like Harvey and Oz they got a course as you can see here it wasn’t a dare!

Yes I’ve been all over T.V. and interviewed by at least 9 countries!

It’s your choice how you exercise or sway but you’ll truly have a better day when you Prancercise the proper way!