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Joanna Rohrback is a Celebrity, Author, Wellness and Fitness Guru, Animal Advocate and creator of Prancercise®. Prancercise® is defined as a  “a springy rhythmic movement forward similar to a horses’s gait, ideally induced by elation” Joanna graduated Westchester Community College with an Associates in Science degree and attended The University of Miami School of Nursing. She went on to graduate Florida Atlantic University receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Health Services. She Subsequently worked as a Social Worker for the State of Florida for several years and then a Realtor. Joanna took some “time-out” to create her Prancercise®Program in 1989 as well as the video Funky Punky’s Prancercise Program ,which she copyrighted shortly there-after ,she founded the Vegetarian Advocate’s Group educating people on the health and planetary benefits of this discipline. She finished and copyrighted her book Prancercise®:The Art of Physical and Spiritual Excellence as an unpublished manuscript in 1994. Ms. Rohrback went on to facilitate a Food Addictions Support group and organized and ran the Citizen’s for Democracy Group. She did research for Jennifer Van Bergen, a Journalist and had her own article published in The SunCoast Eco Report(Feb./March 2003)”Model to Monstosity:The Emergency Health Powers Act”. The end of 2012 into 2013 when she brought her Prancercise® program to the public and published her book, she was embraced by the media and appeared all over the news and T.V. She was additionally interviewed by many different countries since her original Prancercise video went viral and now has over 12 million hits. She donates time consulting the Elderly and Disabled on the benefits of holistic medicine and supports environmental issues facing her community;  she is currently owner/manager of Prancercise,L.L.C. and www.prancercise.com through which she teaches her novel aerobics and does Wellness coaching.

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