On Limbaugh, Trump and Prancercise: The World according to Alexandra Petri :

Alexandra Petri, the daughter of former Republican Congressman Thomas Petri, has managed to maintain a platform of mockery at the Washington Post, regardless of facts or fiction.

In the following 2012 piece she targeted Rush Limbaugh who blasted her for her unfounded and less than polite criticism of him and his show:



Here she more recently directed her assaults at Donald Trump( like he doesn’t garner enough of that)http://www.standard.net/National-Commentary/2015/12/19/DonaldTrump-Muslims-politics-column-Petri


So now long after the stark criticism I received in the following piece she delivered of me in 2013 I’m less than surprised and possibly flattered to be held in the same spotlight as these other notorious names.


I must say I find it quite amusing and intriguing why a so-called- journalist focuses her time on sheer mockery of others..Alexandra Petri who writes a blog ComPost for the Washington Post has carved out a career I suppose, being a sensationalist in what she considers comedy. Of course if one was to carve out a career finding what’s pathetic about her humor they would probably be as successful!

First of all she apparently only focuses on the highest profile celebrities and makes certain she includes enough tag names in each article to get highlighted in the search engines, whether or not they’re even slightly relevant to the piece she’s composing. Then she embellishes her composition with apparent lies which I can only assume she figures people will overlook or not bother confronting her with… Finally, in a piece she critiqued me in she included all the high profile You Tube names at that time, like like,   Tommy Wiseau;    Antoine Dodson;     Sweet Brown ;     Richard Simmons ;    Prancercise®and the term hipsterdom to apparently get enough tagging! I’m only surprised that Miley Cyrus wasn’t given comparable honors! Well after mocking each one in varying degrees (she should only be so fortunate to have any of their limelight), she continued to focus on the assumption that she wasn’t sure if the Prancercise®Lady was unaware of how comic she may of been in presenting her class as it  appeared to the likes of a Ms. Petri.

Petri surely new what she was getting into when she signed up for it and spent her” hard-earned money” for it… ?  , Ms. Petri was there for one purpose alone, in my opinion, to get fodder for what she intended to be a piece that she finds humorous, whether it’s delusional and packed with fiction or not!

In this class I held that Ms. Petri attended, not only did the majority if not all including Petri at the time express that they had a good time and good workout which was apparent, but how inspirational Ms. Rohrback was…Maybe Petri coveted the truth as a part of her undercover work or maybe because her standards are that low and she feels that most people are lazy and not so inclined to investigate any further….

What I did observe of Ms. Petri was she appeared like an  Elephant in the room, awkwardly trying to lift a heavy body and mind off the ground! Oh well, I suppose that goes right along with my assumption, that wasn’t her intention anyway!

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