The Dark Side of Technology: (Electromagnetic Sensitivity)


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: a rising condition of the 21st century is becoming much more prevalent as people rely on, and expose themselves to, an endless barrage of digital and electric radiation. According to known cases only, it is believed between 2-5% of the whole world’s population has this condition.

AKA as Microwave Sickness it’s a condition that raises eyebrows and is vaguely understood so therefore ineffectively treated. People are mainly left to their own devices to deal with what they know is real. Some professionals suspect a psychosomatic variable to the condition, I can assure you from personal experience this is not the case. Symptoms vary, but can include, sleep disturbance, headaches, irritability, concentration problems, blood pressure changes, numbness and or tingling sensations. Burning type sensations can be relieved with ice applications, heartbeat changes have been reported as well as visual and hearing impairments.

far-infaredI realized my own allergy, if you will, to this radiation when I went to a pristine area of Colorado for 4 days the fall of 2014 when doing “Whatever USA” for Budweiser. For 4 days the symptoms I had for about 6mos. were entirely gone!

Just as soon as I returned and went on the internet at home they came back full-force. I looked around for a reason and noticed the over-sized modem that my cable company had installed for me was scalding hot and close to my legs that were wrapped in metal filled ankle weights. I started a quest to try and deal with the symptoms from all angles. I got rid of my homes Smart Meter, got rid of the modem, turned of circuit breakers, had a building Biologist test my environment with meters. After she spent hours testing she pointed out a number of issues that were contributing to my condition. She focused on a number of main powerlines close to my house, a transformer practically on my property and various things that could of contributed like possible underground cable lines and such. Even after moving to a more rural neighborhood where my own meters seemed to indicate little hazard the symptoms show up periodically depending on where I go. Outside my home I don’t experience any symptoms unless I go in a building that has a lot of various interacting signals and charges. I can sit in one Wi Fi café for example and feel vague symptoms go to another one and feel them strongly.

I initially used a far-infared mattress and had a special curtain made for the patio where I use to sleep in my old home. The curtain contained special threading of silver which was a protective type of blocking aid. I’ve changed my lightbulbs from fluorescent to LED, use Himalayan salt candle holders with candles lit at night(they generate negative ions and a healthier environment). I also brush my skin a little with a natural bristle brush. I even got a couple of power purifying devices from Satic USA that have helped somewhat and are designed to help keep the electric bills down.

From what I’m told and suspect the older buildings with questionable grounding and electrical wiring and plumbing are more suspect. I also notice that colder dryer weather reduces my symptoms.

Anyway I’m a very positive person who has been able to adjust my life to all sorts of adversity, this being no different. I use little electricity, wear no jewelry or metal and spend as much time as I can away from conducive situations.

My symptoms were much worse prior to my move including migraines. Currently if the symptoms present they are usually in my mouth/lip area and in my legs. I have metal fillings in my teeth and suspect they are a contributing factor. Basically from what I’ve read and suspect I’m like a conductor.

There’s always the option of moving to a pristine area like the Green Bank W. Virginia where people with this allergy flock. I have no such immediate plans I’d rather change myself If I can, then run hither tither. My strict routine of diet and exercise certainly fortifies me in this respect.

Programs like” Better Call Saul” have brought this growing condition more into view is not totally accepted. Chuck McGill the brother of the main character Saul, depicts an attorney that lives a very restrictive lifestyle to cope with his symptoms. Only other people that have and have researched this condition can appreciate the less than humorous side of it. For example take the 15 year old teenager who recently committed suicide as a result of her experience with it.

What a tragedy! Her parents appear to have a legitimate court case due to her school’s neglect to recognize and assist her with her situation, which likely contributed to her demise. There is some studies that substantiate the suicide connection to this condition.

I adamantly avoid any tendency to depression through my Prancercise Program which my numerous fans also attest to being able to do. I’ve never desired to override my health for the sake of materialism. I have always allowed myself the necessary “time-out” to regain my health and balance whenever necessary.

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