PRANCERCISE: Facts v. Fiction


Many Journalists today don’t take the time to do their due diligence to 

legitimize their articles, such is the case with so many about me and my Prancercise Program. They are more motivated by quickly pumping out an article and putting notoriety over accuracy.

Here is some of the
Facts v. Misinformation out there:  

  •  FICTION: Prancercise was a failed program of the 80’s started in 1989 but finally recognizes in 2012. FACT: The program was never released until December 2012, it never failed}
  • FACT: The definition of Prancercise is derived from that of prance, dance and exercise: it is “a springy rhythmic movement forward similar to a horse’s gait ideally induced by elation”
  • FACT: All modes of Prancercise include arm movements not of flailing but in gentle circular motions mostly in backwards circles small or large but could also be side circles. 
  • FACT: Best places to Prancercise are not on pavement or cement surfaces which put too much shock on your frame.
  • FACT: There is no such thing as reverse Prancercise or stair Prancercise nor is there  any in standing in place Prancercise ,which would defeat the whole purpose. Prancercise should not be attempted barefoot as was suggested in an article.
  • FACT:The only ways to seek legitimate Prancercise information and tips is through my book Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual excellence offered as kindle, hard or softcovers; through my online DVD on the website(no longer offering hard DVD’s), my video page on the website which has my famous videos & through personal coaching by phone or email which includes a free t-shirt with a minimal purchase as indicated on the website  

The following articles had some of this misinformation although they also presented an array of quite positive insights into the Prancercise program: 

Now then, Please do “Enjoy your day the Prancercise way!” 

Joanna Rohrback , of Prancercise LLC,

Creator of Prancercise