PRANCERCISE: Facts v. Fiction


Many Journalists today don’t take the time to do their due diligence to 

legitimize their articles, such is the case with so many about me and my Prancercise Program. They are more motivated by quickly pumping out an article and putting notoriety over accuracy.

Here is some of the
Facts v. Misinformation out there:  

  •  FICTION: Prancercise was a failed program of the 80’s started in 1989 but finally recognizes in 2012. FACT: The program was never released until December 2012, it never failed}
  • FACT: The definition of Prancercise is derived from that of prance, dance and exercise: it is “a springy rhythmic movement forward similar to a horse’s gait ideally induced by elation”
  • FACT: All modes of Prancercise include arm movements not of flailing but in gentle circular motions mostly in backwards circles small or large but could also be side circles. 
  • FACT: Best places to Prancercise are not on pavement or cement surfaces which put too much shock on your frame.
  • FACT: There is no such thing as reverse Prancercise or stair Prancercise nor is there  any in standing in place Prancercise ,which would defeat the whole purpose. Prancercise should not be attempted barefoot as was suggested in an article.
  • FACT:The only ways to seek legitimate Prancercise information and tips is through my book Prancercise: The Art of Physical and Spiritual excellence offered as kindle, hard or softcovers; through my online DVD on the website(no longer offering hard DVD’s), my video page on the website which has my famous videos & through personal coaching by phone or email which includes a free t-shirt with a minimal purchase as indicated on the website  

The following articles had some of this misinformation although they also presented an array of quite positive insights into the Prancercise program: 

Now then, Please do “Enjoy your day the Prancercise way!” 

Joanna Rohrback , of Prancercise LLC,

Creator of Prancercise

Prancercise® Holiday advice it’s both naughty and nice!

joanna santa
Happy Holidays to my fans and foes, hope my Xmas video makes your smile glow (see it below)!
Prancercise® has caught the eye, of so many that are not a bit shy. But here’s the deal they are clueless to what’s real. Their critique and explanations may be a bit funny, but that’s where it ends as far as knowing about Prancercise® they could never make amends…Jon Tron and JP Sears don’t have a care what shape you are or get in, as long as they produce a grin. But my program really works it’s true here’s but a couple of HONEST reviews… you choose!

“Prancercise is a fabulous way of combining walking and calf exercises. With its natural up and down motion (like a horse) together with the forward movement of walking, I now have a way of doing calf exercises TOGETHER with walking! WOW! It actually works! It really does relieve the PAIN!… FANTASTIC! These exercises improve blood flow, thereby delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas while removing dangerous toxins. That is essential!” Otto K. Calgary, Canada.

“It’s a great thing you have invented and I believe that it makes more people happy than ever a thing before…
would like to thank you cause you really make the world a better place!”
Stefan G., Zurich, Switzerland.

Dear Ms Joanna
“Thank you for introducing me to prancercise! I am just getting back to light exercise after a 4 month absence following major emergency abdominal surgery and this is a really fun, enjoyable way to get moving again.

I like it! I hope you haven’t been too disheartened by some people’s attitude towards your method.”

Very best regards
Jennifer W., U.K.

Mrs. Rohrback,

“I recently became familiar with your exercise routine through the news. I find your approach to wellness very inspiring. The way you integrate mental wellness practices with your physical exercise is enlightening. I was very pleased to see pictures of Gandhi and Isadora Duncan featured on your “Book” page. Your holisitic wellness teachings are essential to improving the dearth of social wellness through creating a healthier individual. Thank you!”

Jonathan M.
“Hello Joanna,
I am emailing you to tell you how great prancercise is. I think that you are one of the coolest people ever to come up with this idea. I think that you’re prancercise videos are outstanding and you have pushed yourself so hard to make your dream come true. And it paid off! Ican’t wait to see new prancercise moves in the future!”
Your loyal fan

Anna R.

“Hi, I just saw your videos and i also looked at the jokes. I decided to try imitating your moves as correctly as possible. I have to say it’s actually a great work out to keep a slim line. Its a cardio workout that does not break down the body over time, its a healthy workout and its easy for anyone to manage it. Its fantastic that one doesn’t have to be a dancer to manage the moves.( Its not rough as jogging and its more efficient than walking.)

I am personally interested in healthy lifestyle and workouts. I was a dancer for many years. Lately I’ve been working on a high tech workout machine that deals with the whole body in one movement. I’ve also started on a blog as an “archive.”

I read on your website, you are correct about diet/healthy food. I’m impressed about your knowledge. Why don’t you make a short youtube video about what you’ve published about healthy diet?

I just wanted to show you my support😊
You are a tough lady- dealing with both good and bad people 😉 keep up the great work👍 And about cameltoes, all woman has one, I actually bought pants that isn’t hiding it but gives a great butt, (i decided to not care after i saw the videos where both guys and girls making fun of it) It’s natural, we are women. I think mostly people don’t care here in Norway if it shows or not😀”

Have a great day


Connie H., Norway

These are but a few of the great reviews I receive, so be careful what you choose to believe!
Taking the time to do and understand Prancercise properly has benefited many and the rewards are plenty! Here’s my funny Xmas Video advice,to help make your holidays extra nice! (Official Prancercise: X-rated Xmas Advice!):
What more can I say than enjoy your holidays the Prancercise way!


Warm Regards